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2018 Book Recommendations

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

2018 Favorite Fiction Book suggestions in honor of my deceased mother, Ilza Berry Williams. She was a New York City schoolteacher. She taught reading, then all subjects to special needs students, and then English as a second language to Spanish speaking students. She became a principal, and then the Deputy School System Administrator before retiring. She managed to read a book the day before she passed.

CLICK HERE to view the 2018 ILZA'S LIST Book Recommendations!

"This year, unlike last, I found a strong attachment to many of the main characters."

Dear Friends and Fellow Readers:

2018 was more than just a solid year for fiction for me. Themes about immigration, slavery and abandonment continued. This year, unlike last, I found a strong attachment to many of the main characters. Both my wife and I had no trouble finding compelling stories.

I did enjoy some non-fiction such as the books on Theranos and the true story of a doctor dying from cancer. But this year had plenty of fiction to enjoy. I actually had to omit several interesting books, although my wife again exceeded her five allotted selections.

I have to give a shout out to friends who, unlike me, completed books. Here’s to Deborah Santana for The Women In My Family Sing, Hugh Molotsi for The Entrepreneur’s Journey, and Bob Harris for Goodbye, Arkadelphia. I didn’t even try to advance my manuscript. I did not want to directly compete with Michele Obama’s book. As I said last year, next year is a new year.

CLICK HERE to view Ilza's List of Book Recommendations from 2018. Please explore the website and provide me with your favorites and any comments on ours.


Barry Lawson Williams

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